The Great War: Remastered WW1 Standard History Collection Volume 5

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Release Date: May 14, 2018
Author: Mark Bussler
Length: 102 Pages
Black and White with Glossy Color Cover
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Relive WW1 as it unfolds week to week through the eyes of contemporary writers, photographers, and witnesses. This spectacular collection contains thousands of period photographs, drawings, accounts, and events from The Great War.

Volume 5 contains Parts 13-15 which includes events published November 11, 1914 through November 28, 1914.

Some of the events contained within:
Death from the sky
The new arm in the new element
How Serbia made ready to meet her giant antagonist
Development of the British Submarine
The war under the waters
How the Germans swept on Brussels
The Battle of the Bight of Heliogoland
And more!

Reproduced and reprinted from a mint collection of source material, The Great War Remastered WW1 Standard History Collection is an entertaining and educational trip through time.

Experience World War 1 from the British perspective as told by those who lived through it. Originally published as standalone issues called, The Great War: The Standard History of the All-Europe Conflict, the series starts in 1914 and continues into 1919.

Assembled by documentary filmmaker and writer, Mark Bussler, The Great War: Remastered WW1 Standard History Collection accurately reprints these remarkable period magazines filled with stunning artwork, photographs, and stories from World War 1.

The best gift idea for WW1 enthusiasts and World War 1 history buffs looking to pour over period photographs of soldiers, tanks, airplanes, zeppelins, horses, artillery, and WW1 tanks. This collection recounts WW1 battles and events within days or weeks and tells a tale of the First World War that few people see today. Historians, history fans, military history buffs, casual enthusiasts and students should thoroughly enjoy The Great War Remastered WW1 Standard History Collection; there is no shortage of World War 1 photos contained within the pages filled with WW1 photos!

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